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I looked into different offices and doctors and the reviews I read for Dr. Vitenas convinced me he was the person to go to. I’m very happy I did! He’s a great doctor, very friendly and passionate about his work. His staff are all very welcoming and professional and are always ready to help

I had my surgery 4/15 and honestly I’m so so happy I chose him! He was so kind and sweet. His staff is also wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Dr. Vitenas and Deisy!

I had the best experience I could imagine. From the time I called to inquire about services, to my first sit down, then to the surgery and now my follow up just after 3 days. No pain bruising and no pain meds after the first day, everything has been wonderful. I am absolutely in love with my

Fantastic caring staff knowledgeable doctor came highly recommended and didn't disappoint!!! He truly listened to what I wanted and addressed all of my concerns he even called me from his personal cell last night to check on me!!! This practice is very efficient and made me feel so confident

Wow ! Since the moment I walked in Dr Vitenas office I knew exactly "this is the one" out of the many surgeons i went to visit. Everyone here is extremely friendly and professional. They answer all your questions throughly and take their time with you! Lindsey was sooooo AMAZING she made the

I had a great experience with Dr. young and his staff. I was nervous going in as I've had this done before and developed a capsule around the implant. They were comforting, friendly and Really accommodating. This time I'm a day out and I can tell they both look the same and I'm so excited for

Thank you Dr. Martin for your prompt care and attention to me yesterday. All my fears and anxiety gone! You are the sweetest, kindest, most caring doctor I have ever experienced. My husband really enjoyed you as well. Can't thank you enough!!!

From the first call I made to his office, his staff was very kind and helpful over the phone and never made me feel rushed or as if I was asking too many questions over the phone. I was able to schedule my consultation very quickly and didn't have to go on a long wait list. On the day of my

He did my rhinoplasty two years ago and I couldn't be happier with my results he's not the type of doctor who wants to change you, he's the type of doctor who wants to improve the little imperfections with a natural look to enhance your beauty.

I got breast augmentation about ten years ago and everything went very smoothly. Dr Robert young and his staff were very professional and provided me with lots if information. I've had zero complications or issues with my surgery. His work was everything I could of dreamed of and I'm looking

I had an amazing experience with my surgery. They were all awesome.

I had surgery with Dr. Milbourn. I felt as a woman she understood by concerns better than a man. I am very happy with my results!!

I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr. Greene and would have never dreamed I could look as good as this again after 3 children! Dr. Greene is wonderful! He is a great listener, very professional, and a wonderful surgeon. His staff is very warm and helpful and was always there

Wonderful experience with my cosmetic surgery. There is even a skin care institute with a wonderful Medical Aesthetician - Cassie that will help you get your youthful skin back!

I would like to commend this staff on their professionalism and I would recommend Dr. Nguyen and his staff to anyone that is thinking about maintaining good oral hygiene. I would also recommend the soft tissue laser surgery to anyone that is thinking about periodontal procedures. No Pain, No

Dr. Peter Wang is an awesome doctor. My son had a nasal tip hemangioma and a cleft (left) ear lobe and Dr. Wang repaired both in May 2007 with only one surgery needed. He is also a very friendly gentleman. He didn't make me feel uncomfortable one bit. A friend of mine also had a breast reduction

He did a wonderful job, came highly recommended, and I never felt a bit nervous about him doing the surgery.

I would recommend Dr. Rasmussen. I had a problem there and though I complained, he followed up and was sincere and showed that he truly cared as a provider.

Spa Mira Vista is CLOSED! My fiancee bought me a very nice package for Valentine's Day in 2007, while he was overseas working in Iraq. I called to make the appointment in May ( I was waiting to have my full day at the spa for when he was returning home). 3 days before my SCHEDULED appointment,

Dr. Reynolds is an excellent plastic surgeon. He gives me botox injections and is very generous with the application, he gave me more injections in more sites than other plastic surgeons had in the past. He also offers laser hair removal with the best machine in the industry and at lower prices.

I will have to wait a year and then have the work done again by another plastic surgeon. Enough said.

Dr. Young is an extremely talented and personable Dr. I had carpal-tunnel surgery on both wrists and the results were sucessful and even left no scarring. Yes, I highlyrecommend this personable, very gifted surgeon.

My mother is looking for a dermotologist in Laredo,TX and she was told by all people whom we asked that the best dermotologist in this region of Texas is Dr. Efren Moreno located by McPherson Rd. Everyone says the sames thing: If you want the best results just go to Dr. Moreno's office. I am

I've been getting Botox injections by Dr. Kordestani for a little over a year. The results are much better than I was receiving from a different plastic surgeon. Dr. Kordestani injects more areas and I think that is what has made the difference. Another issue is I can go longer between injections.

Dr. Larson is a wonderful doctor! I had a breast augmentation done and he really took the time to work with me on getting the best results. I couldn't be happier with the results. He is professional and kind. Highly recommended!

I just stopped in for some Botox. WOW! I have never had a doctor actually take the time to analyze my face and figure out exactly where I needed some of that stuff. The result speaks for itself! I love it! I got a chance to take advantage of the holiday discount. I hope y'all can. 425 for the

Dr. Troy Thompson and his staff are absolutely The BEST! I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Thompson perform breast reduction surgery this past April and the entire process from first consultation to my latest office visit was positive, educational and enjoyable. Dr. Thompson is a talented

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Slack and his office. I would recommend him to everyone for all plastic surgery!

Dr Carr is a wonderful doctor. She is knowlegable, kind, patient and thorough. On occasion the wait is longer than some Dr's offices, however, she addresses all my needs once it is my turn. Great bedside manner! Her staff is very friendly, helpful, and informative.

I'm in my 30's and I've had skin problems with my face since my early 20's. I would have flare ups with my skin about 21 days in a month where my skin would be red, irritated, dry, and flaky. It made it very difficult being in public. I couldn't even grow a beard because it would really cause

Great dentist. Went to him for a second opinion for some broken front teeth becasue my friends recommended him. The dentist I saw in Southlake wanted me to fix 20 teeth. I didn't like the idea of drilling on all my teeth. They are not that bad. Dr. Golab spent like 2 hours with me, and recommended

Dr Craig is awesome! He first did work on my wife and she went from Phyllis Diller to Demi Moore in one procedure. I was a bit more difficult, but between Kristi and Craig, I feel confident and sexy!

Loved it! The staff was friendly and the appointments were always on time. I loved the results and I will definitely go back again.

Dr. Carreon is a great doctor. She delievered my baby back in 2003 and I now see her for Laser Hair removel. By Far on of the best Doctors in Seguin!

DR Dory was recommended by my primary care physician. Over 40 and using reading glasses. She took the time to check and recheck for issues. Just old eyes I guess. She did not try to push me towards anything, not even an eye prescription. If the reading glasses were acceptable, keep using them.

Dr. Straka was AWESOME. He takes the time to answer all of your questions and actually listens to what you have to say. I am so happy with the results of my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Straka and his staff.

Has anyone out there had botox or any fillers done at this location? Looking for somewhere dependable to go. Any recommendations?

Great Bedside manner and great surgeon! One of the nicest Doctors I have ever met.

As a breast cancer survivor, I have been to a lot of doctors and specialists in the last few years and endured many surgeries. Currently, I am undergoing breast expansion and reconstruction from a recent bi-lateral mastectomy. I have seen Dr. Kadi on an almost weekly basis in his office and

Because of the soft lighting, beige carpet, and classy furnishings, I felt like I was walking into a luxury store or salon, not a doctors' office. The.

I look so hot! I love the personal attention and royalty treatment Hollywood Cosmetic Spa gives! And, my tan looks great. Its such a higher end formula than the tanning salons offer. These people are from L.A., and you can tell!

Very honest and up front about what he can and cannot do. I am pleased with my results.


My hair began thinning in my late twenties. By my mid-thirties it was to the point where I would either have to shave my head or find SOMETHING. By the grace of God, I found Nu Hair. I had no idea how far hair piece technology had come. When I was a kid in the seventies, toupes were fairly

Dr Nakamura is great! Awesome work on my breast. Definitely going back for more. I have my consultation already scheduled for more work!

After one visit, I've decided to switch to him as my full time physician.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cook for over eight years now and her individualized care and experience are what keeps me coming back. I have been treated for mild acne and now skin rejuvenation. Her products are easy to use and produce great results. I get compliments on my skin weekly! A patient

Excellent physician, staff needs improvement

Dr. Greg Pearson saved my life in 2005. He saw me for a mole that had turned weird. It had turned 2 colors and was larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil AND was not a perfect circle, it was oblong. All tell-tale signs of melanoma. He removed it right when he saw it and let me know to

Thank you for the excellent care I have received from you and your staff. Everyone on your staff from reception to surgery is so kind, friendly and caring. Please let them know how much they are appreciated. You are to be congratulated for all you do to make your patients comfortable and pain