Our mission is to supply you with the utmost in personalized care. After assessing your personal requirements and desires, we aim to supply perfect care utilizing the most modern, state-of-the-art techniques while always demonstrating compassion and emotional support.

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  City Napa, CA
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  Address 3443 Villa Ln
  Phone Number (707) 258-6077

This goes out to the zimmerman family who lost their precious daughter! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers and you will be with me in my heart and i am very sorry for your loss

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We are a full-service plastic and cosmetic surgery practice, led by the expertise of renowned plastic surgeon, John P. Zimmermann M.D.*. Located in the heart of wine country, our luxurious spa and office are distinguished by both the talented staff and our state of the art facility. From breast augmentation and abdominoplasty to facelift surgery and injectables, our goal is to provide you with the most natural and minimally invasive techniques and to ensure you obtain the personalized results you desire.

Board-certified plastic surgeon John Zimmermann, MD and our experienced team here at the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Napa Valley offer a number of evening discussions to talk with our community about a wide variety of topics in cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery. These free seminars can include information and question-and-answer sessions on new technologies, the latest procedures, and advanced products and services designed to keep you looking your best. During these informative meetings, you'll have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Zimmermann and the aesthetics team, ask any questions you may have, tour our facility, and receive an exclusive "swag" bag containing information and special offers available only to seminar attendees.

The main components of breast augmentation procedures, breast implants are designed to add volume and enhanced contours to your breasts with results that look natural. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John P. Zimmermann, will explain the differences between the many breast implant options available to you, and even show you some examples that you can examine and feel. At the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Napa Valley, we offer a comprehensive array of implants from which to choose. In addition to helping patients choose the right implants, Dr. Zimmermann is also dedicated to educating all of his breast implant patients about potential complications so they are fully aware of any risks.

If you are self-conscious about certain aesthetic aspects of your nose, rhinoplasty can be an ideal procedure to address these issues and help you feel more confident about your appearance. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can effectively improve many common cosmetic and functional nasal issues, including deviated septums, a nasal tip or bridge that appears imbalanced in size or shape, and other conditions. Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. John P. Zimmermann, will customize a treatment plan specific to your needs that can help you achieve your goals with successful, natural-looking results.

Breast reduction surgery can be very helpful for patients who suffer from the physical and emotional effects associated with having breasts that are too large for their bodies. Dr. John P. Zimmermann can reduce excess tissue in the breasts for improved proportions and balance with the rest of your body. Advanced breast reduction procedures can ultimately help you renew the appearance of your breasts, reduce discomfort, and feel more confident in the way you look. Breast reduction can provide a number of benefits to patients with excess skin and fat in the breasts.

At times, getting rid of excess, stubborn fat through traditional weight loss methods can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are cosmetic enhancement procedures like liposuction that are designed to help you get rid of excess pockets of fat for a more contoured appearance. Since its inception in the 1980's, there have been many improvements in the technique. Advanced liposuction techniques can be performed in virtually any body area with beautiful results. The ideal candidate is the patient with reasonably good skin elasticity and localized fat deposits.

Many of us experience creases along the forehead, frown lines, or sagging skin in the brow area. A browlift, also known as a forehead lift, can help reduce fine lines and excess skin in these areas for a more rejuvenated, youthful, and relaxed appearance. Browlift surgery can also improve the appearance of furrowed brows that may be causing a sad, angry or tired look. Using the most advanced browlift techniques, including endoscopic methods, our experienced plastic surgeon Dr. John P. Zimmermann can help you achieve your goals with natural-looking results.

Excess, inelastic skin that accumulates in the abdominal area can often be very difficult to eliminate, even if you are in relatively good shape and endure strict diet and exercise routines. The good news is, tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) can be very effective at removing extra skin and tightening the remainder for a firmer, flatter look to the stomach region. Dr. John Zimmermann can help you achieve a slimmer and more fit appearance with advanced tummy tuck procedures. Weight loss, recent pregnancy, heredity, and the natural aging process are all factors that can lead to an excess amount of skin in the abdomen.