Chad D. Tattini M.D. welcomes you to the web page of his cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery practice situated in Bloomington, Illinois. Dr. Tattini is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who performs all facets of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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  City Bloomington, IL
  Zip Code 61704
  Address 2502 E Empire St
  Phone Number (309) 664-1007

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In recent years, medicine has become increasingly aware of the need for expanded women's services. Many of the services that are available today go beyond improved aesthetics. Labiaplasty is a prime example. We are happy to provide this precision surgical procedure to women in our Bloomington community, helping them feel better about the look and the feel of the sensitive genital area. Scarring is the natural byproduct of healing. Therefore, it should be expected after labiaplasty. This is an important topic of discussion, which we address during pre-surgical consultation and planning visits.

If you feel like you are looking more tired or if you are beginning to see more folds and/or wrinkles, you may be a candidate for a facelift by Dr. Tattini at his Bloomington, Illinois office. A facelift not only addresses the excess skin you may exhibit but more importantly, it sculpts the underlying fat that has descended with age and provides fullness again to areas that once had fullness. Although several techniques are available by Dr. Tattini, he usually performs the MACS facelift, which has a very minimal incision.