Dr. Leong is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specialized in procedures of the face and neck. He performs many surgical and non surgical procedures and has 6 office locations around the Pittsburgh area. His surgical procedures include: facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, earlobe repair, and chin augmentation. His non-surgical procedures include Botox/Dysport, dermal filler, tear trough correction, non-surgical rhinoplasty, Sculptra, laser resurfacing, ultherapy, lip augmentation, and laser hair removal.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolarynology

Serviced Areas

  • Pittsburgh

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  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Care Credit

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  City Pittsburgh, PA
  Zip Code 15203
  Address 2643 E. Carson St.
  Phone Number (412) 621-3223
  Fax 412-226-5176

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Laser Treatments

At Sistine Plastic Surgery, we offer some of the most effective and modern laser equipment to reduce unwanted hair, skin spots, wrinkles, scars and/or stretch marks. Our nurse aesthetician has over 20 years of experience and would be happy to create a skin care regime designed specifically for you to turn back the clock and keep you looking your very best!

Facial Plastic Surgery

Our physical appearance can dramatically impact how we feel about ourselves and diminish our levels of confidence and self-esteem. Although many patients are initially nervous about the thought of surgery, they often wish they would have done it sooner and could enjoy the benefits longer. We are a very focused and specialized practice that only performs surgeries on the face and neck. This allows for a greater and deeper understanding of the anatomy of the face and increased skill and knowledge.

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I wanted to share my experience with a recent rhinoplasty that addressed both functional airway and cosmetic issues. Due to the nature of a more complex case, I searched for a doctor who specializes in facial plastics. The bonus was finding someone who was board certified in both facial plastic/reconstructive issues and head & neck surgery. Dr. Leong does a LOT of nose jobs, about 40% of the practice load is devoted to rhinoplasty alone.

Finding a good doctor is the first step in the journey. If I had to sum up my experience with Sistine Plastic Surgery in a few words: transparency, technique and artistry.

Prepare for a couple consultations to hone in on your desired outcome. Dr. Leong is straightforward and listens first. He will let you know if something is a realistic goal and/or if it will be harmonious with your facial features. 3D imaging helped me visualize my desired outcome. We reviewed my goals at least 3x (even on the morning of surgery).

The day of rhinoplasty I received excellent care both pre and post op at the surgery center. Dr. Leong relayed messages to my partner about aftercare, and contact info if I had any issues or questions. I received thorough instructions on paper and e-form so that I could adhere to his protocols and recommendations. One side note: this is a team effort between patient and surgeon. They spend hours refining in surgery and anticipating things like swelling, how the skin will heal etc (artistry aspect) BUT in order to achieve your best possible outcome, you must participate in aftercare!

It is a patient's responsibility to properly take care of themselves and rest. Change the dressing and maintain a clean environment, taking any medications as prescribed and not to exercise or swim until cleared by Dr. Leong. My first week post op I was contacted a couple times about how I was feeling and how things were healing and encouraged to reach out if I had any questions or concerns.

Day 8 post op I returned to the office to get my cast removed, what a feeling! Dr. Leong has regular follow-up visits on post-op patients to check the progress and healing stages. Keep in mind, rhinoplasty results take about one full year to show a final shape.

I'm about two months out now and could not be more pleased with my results. Until recently, I did not realize how my insecurity about my old nose's appearance was impacting my quality of life. I'm not hiding from photos or trying to get my best angle, I'm not even thinking about my nose anymore and that is a truly freeing feeling. Thank you Dr. Leong!

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Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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From the first time I sat down with Dr. Leong, I knew I was speaking with someone who was a cut above the rest…like, WAY above. From a communication standpoint, there is simply no one better. He has such a warm and welcoming demeanor. He’s very charming and funny. Perhaps most importantly, he is incredibly knowledgeable in this field of medicine but he explains everything in such easy to understand terms.
As for his talent and skill, again, I suspect there are few who rise to his level. My case was not a simple one, and Lord knows we peppered Dr. Leong left and right with various suggestions and concerns and questions and ideas, etc. Dr. Leong handled them all with extraordinary patience, assuring us that he understood where we were coming from.
Dr. Leong’s overall philosophy is that a good plastic surgery is one where if someone saw you before and after, they would see that you have an improved look, but they couldn’t pinpoint what exactly changed. He satisfied that standard 110% in my case, as the improvement is significant, but also subtle. In essence, he took every suggestion, idea and concern, internalized it, and incorporated it into the art of his handiwork, which I am now proud to show off to the rest of the world.
As icing on the cake, Dr. Leong went above and beyond the call of duty during the recovery period. He literally called me and my husband on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day, to check on my progress and overall condition. To say he is generous with his time is an understatement.
I would recommend Dr. Paul Leong to anyone seeking plastic surgery or an improved cosmetic appearance. He is so very skilled and talented and, equally important, he is just a good person, through and through. Thank you, Dr. Leong. You’ve made me very happy!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Paul is fantastic ! Been seeing him for about 10 years now without a hitch. I highly recommend.

Dr. Leong has a terrific communication factor that helps so much when trying to decide what procedure would best suit the situation. The most important to me was the time one on one he took to make me feel comfortable. His incredible staff are friendly and helpful along with giving insightful information. I am so happy with my results. I would tell anyone looking for a Dr. this is the right place. Dr. Leong welcomes you as a Dr. and you leave as a friend.

The procedure of a blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) with Dr. Paul Leong at Sistine Plastic Surgery was an amazing experience! Dr. Leong is an easy person to speak with especially since this was my first time having a procedure done to my face. Dr. Leong takes a great deal of time and care making sure his patients know exactly what will happen and gives assurances before hand that his experience and knowledge bring amazing results. And they do! I love the way my eyes look even though it's only been two months since my procedure. I would certainly refer my closest friends to Sistine Plastic Surgery with Dr. Leong, in fact I have!

Got a rhinoplasty by Dr. Leong and I had a great experience. He is very personable and will spend as much time as you need to answer questions. Never felt rushed or pressured to get any procedure. Plus the majority of his surgical experience is with rhinoplasty and he is also an ENT. Highly recommend. Just a heads up that he tends to run behind since he spends so much time with each patient. Doesn't bother me though since I would much prefer that than a doc who is rushing through every appointment, especially those as important/risky as surgical procedures. Oh yeah and my nose looks great now!

I am honored to have the opportunity to write a review for Sistine plastic surgery and Dr. Leong. I will start off by saying I will not let anyone else touch my face. I told Dr Leong today that I'm so happy he has multiple offices in Pittsburgh because it means he will be around when it's time for my facelift in 10 years. I have unfortunately made the mistake of recently going to other providers and have been disappointed with the results. I am now standing firm that only Dr Leong is allowed to make me look younger because it's always a natural younger look. I also can't express enough how much I appreciate his honesty. You will always have a natural look because he will tell you no if you want to do too much and he will also tell you why. And by natural I do not mean under done I mean perfect! Let's be honest, most doctors would just take your money and leave you looking fake and over done. The time Dr. Leong takes with you (and HE takes the time with you) coupled with his artistic expertise sprinkled with his honesty... I wouldn't go anywhere else. Many thanks and many recommendations!

I had a blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Leong four months ago. The results are better than I could ever had imagined. The thing I like best about the results are that I don't have that tired old look around my eyes anymore, and I feel I look years younger. The entire procedure was fast and easy, and Dr. Leong and his staff were wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend Dr. Leong for anyone considering plastic surgery.

I have been seeing Dr. Leong for over 2 years. He is a great surgeon with awesome skills. Dr. Leong is not like many other surgeons. He really tries to know me and he's very friendly and easy to approach. He listens carefully about what I want and gives me his professional opinions. He never tries to sell me anything but to provide what I need. I really appreciate his expertise and work on me. I'm very satisfied with every procedure he did for me. I would have him as my surgeon for as long as possible but I have to leave the city. I highly recommend Dr. Leong.

My 2 best friends and I are getting ready to make our 4th trip to spend the afternoon with Dr. Leong. Writing this review is long overdue. We have all been so pleased with every aspect of our experience with Dr. Leong. His skill, candor, beside manner and professionalism all rate 5 stars!

Over our past visits we have had several different treatments including botox, dysport, juvederm and we have been extremely pleased with the results but the BEST OF THE BEST has got to be the restylane tear trough correction.

The results of the tear trough correction are immediate and AMAZING! If you have bags under your eyes (as I did) or eyes that seem to be sinking into your head (as my friend did) you will be thrilled with the results of this treatment! Dr. Leong gives you a mirror to hold and you can instantly see the transformation as he does one eye at a time. It took years off our appearance!

We make it a girls day out, lunch and then we spend a very pleasant afternoon with Dr. Leong. And I do mean the entire afternoon. He takes quite a bit of time with each one of us, you never feel that he is rushing. We chat, we laugh, we get some injectables and we leave looking and feeling fabulous!

Dr. Paul Leong is the best plastic surgeon in the Pittsburgh area he really cares no question about it. My nose was a complete mess. He's knows how sensitive I am about my appearance and on April 27 2016 I had rhinoplasty. done. Dr. Paul leong went out of his way in the operating room over 5 hours this fantastic surgeon work on my nose. Now a year later my nose is perfect. I'm so please and fortunate to have met such a great plastic surgeon. Thank You so much Dr. Paul Leong for really caring and doing a perfect rhinoplasty. God bless you.

Dr Leong is AMAZING! I got lip fillers with him and he was so kind and knowledgeable, explained everything in great detail. I was a little nervous, I really wanted it to look natural and that is exactly what I got. The process didn't hurt at all thanks to the dental blockers and local anesthesia and I had absolutely no bruising! I left the office with very little swelling, the next day my lips were a little bigger but that was to be expected. By the 3rd day my lips looked incredible, very natural just with a little extra volume. I am soooo happy, now I don't want to go back to my old lips! Will absolutely be back in a few months for my touch up!!

If you’re like me you wouldn’t trust your face with just anyone. Dr. Leong is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and a true master in his field! It has only been a few days post surgery but I can tell already I’m going to be very pleased with the results! If I ever need to have anything done down the road I definitely will be coming back.

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Not only is it essential to create the right type of atmosphere for the patient, but we believe in creating a supportive and positive work environment-which is reflected in our work performance and level of quality care. We also enjoy continually learning and growing to stay on top of the latest advances in the cosmetic industry and offer you the best services with the most outstanding result. It is important for us to take the time to get to know each of our patients to create a strong patient/doctor bond, based on good communication and trust.