Cosmetic Surgery has had profound advancements in the recent years helping people regain their confidence and restore their youthfulness. New Improved Body has partnered with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roque Ramos in offering the most advanced cosmetic procedures and technologies available around the world today.

Dr. Ramos is one of the only surgeons in the world that currently combines the latest technologies in body contouring to achieve second to none results. His ability to understand his patients and what they are looking achieve, combined with his experience and attention to detail are some of the characteristics that have made him recognized as a pioneer in the body shaping, sculpting and contouring industry.

Some of these procedures include: body contouring, natural breast enhancement through fat transfer, brazilian butt lift, liposuction, natural face lifts, lip enhancement, laser hair removal and more. This website is intended to educate people about these different cosmetic procedures through content and video.

Contact Details

  Person Dr. Roque Ramos
  City Chesterfield, MO
  Zip Code 63017
  Address 14897 Clayton Road, Suite 100
  Phone Number (636) 489-0769

Business Representative

Dr. Roque Ramos

Medical Director

New Improved Body is the only cosmetic clinic to offer enhancement procedures, skin rejuvenation, and body contouring services in St. Louis. Led by its medical director, Dr. Roque Ramos, the cosmetic clinic became the premiere destination for Missouri residents who are in need of enhancement or reconstructive services that would improve their body image. Unlike other cosmetic clinics in the area, New Improved Body offers the most number of out-patient cosmetic procedures and the latest technologies to do such procedures all under one roof. With this system, patients do not need to go from one doctor to another for each procedure needed. Our team of specialists help in determining the most appropriate services for an individual through consultations prior to the actual cosmetic procedure. Through these meetings, the cosmetic surgeon is able to provide insights on what procedures suit the client best given his or her image enhancement needs.

Customer Testimonials

It is wonderful to be rejuvenated and so enthusiastic about life again--We both fully recommend the concept of Slim Image. It is by far the best way to achieve success at shedding those unwanted pounds and inches. The diet is simple, the cream and the B-12 decrease appetite and give you the energy you need to stay true and motivated. We certainly like our "new look" and thank Dr. Ramos for this wonderful program!

Thank you, Dr. Ramos What a wonderful and easy weight loss program. Especially for anyone over 55 who over Weight loss fast and easy, no rigorous exercise, with Slim Image weight reduction program, St. Louis County, Missouri (Chesterfield)the years has gained weight they don’t need–and cannot lose, as they may not be fit enough for a rigorous gym exercise program. All aspects of the Slim Image program work well. The meal plan, cream, and 10 minute, no sweat exercise program, etc. So far, I have shed 35 unwanted pounds, and hope to lose more in the future. Thank you, Dr. Ramos-you have a great weight reduction program.

Feeling better than I have in years! After numerous diet programs–to which I have adhered faithfully–I once again put on weight. Now, with the Slim Image cream, I am losing weight and feeling better than I have in years! I had just about Feel better, lose weight easily, more energy, with Slim Image weight loss program, Chesterfield, Missouri (St. Louis County)given up hope, but now I am encouraged that I can once again be the slim person I was before menopause.