Dana M. Goldberg is a skilled West Palm Beach plastic surgeon expert in face and body surgery and is popular for her delicate touch, her technical skills, and her ability to connect with customers. This can be seen in the detail and scope of this site, which has been written and edited entirely by Dr. Dana. You can also be reassured in knowing that Dr. Dana will answer to you personally when using the contact feature of her site. Dr. Dana is truly unique among other West Palm Beach plastic surgeons.

Dr. Dana specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, breast, and body using the most modern plastic surgery techniques. Dr. Dana makes all surgeries in her onsite AAAASF Surgical Facility ensuring comfort, safety, and reasonable Plastic Surgery costs.

Dr. Dana knows that the selection of a any West Palm Beach plastic surgeon is a very important decision for all prospective plastic surgery patients. Therefore, Dr. Dana offers every patient with both personalized attention and surgical excellence. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We do not try to sell our patients on having procedures, and we are happy to assist you no matter where you are in your journey to deciding if Plastic Surgery is right for you.

Dr. Goldberg’s Jupiter plastic surgery center is well accessible for patient’s traveling from Stuart and West Palm Beach with her convenient location between Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens just north of Donald Ross on Military Trail.

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Dana M Goldberg MD


Dana M. Goldberg got her bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame, where she was graduated Summa cum laude. During her undergraduate trainings, Dr. Goldberg was a top finalist in the Miss Ohio pageant, where she placed first in talent by playing classical piano. She credits years of piano lessons with designing the dexterity and control of her hands that made her the surgeon she is today. Dr. Goldberg then went on to earn her Doctor of Medicine at The Ohio State University, where she was nationally ranked by the America Medical Association for developing a curriculum for an educational week.

Products & Services

So, you're ready to take back your body.

We see clients of every walk of life who want to do something about loose skin in their mid section. Sadly, loose skin from pregnancy, obesity, and many other reasons will not go away without tummy tuck surgery.

Dr. Dana has had a nuumber of outstanding tummy tuck results for both male and female patients. Whether you are interested in the surgery for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes, we find that we have a great deal of patient satisfaction after Tummy Tuck Surgery.

Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement can be a small amount of extra tissue but also a female looking breast. Gynecomastia can make it embarrassing to wear a tight shirt or to take your shirt off at the beach or in intimate situations.

Most gynecomastia is “idiopathic” (meaning we don’t know the cause) , and surgery will take away the breast tissue and correct the problem. About 15% of the time, though, there is a medical cause (like hormonal imbalance, a medication side effect, or marijuana use) and surgery alone is not the answer. It is significantly to see your family doctor before coming to see me in case you are in that 15% of males who need medical treatment to remove the cause of breast enlargement.

Breast reconstruction after removal of the breast (mastectomy) is an voluntary process. It is generally a multi-stage process including multiple surgeries spaced several months apart. The whole process can take over one year. If desired, the nipple and areola are reconstructed in a later procedure, once the breast shape is finalized. The major purpose of breast reconstruction is to look normal in clothing. When naked, there will always be scars and other signs of the breast reconstruction process. Also, it is important to keep in mind that no one starts with symmetric breasts. Several operations may be needed, including surgery to the non-cancerous breast, to get the best result possible.