At Center for Plastic Surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we're partners with our patients. They are the reason for our existence. Our mission is to provide the best quality in all kinds of the patient's care. Thank you for considering my plastic surgery practice for your care. It is a privilege to be your plastic surgeon.

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Tulsa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Mathers operates almost exclusively at Cherry Street Surgery Center, LLC, in mid-town Tulsa, which he established in 1995. Cherry Street Surgery Center, LLC, is state licensed and is a fully accredited facility. Anesthesia is provided by St. John Anesthesia Group, a rotating group of board certified physician anesthesiologist who will be with the patient from start to finish.

Women with overly large breasts can suffer a variety of medical problems due to the weight of their breasts. Back and neck pain are common complaints, as well as pain caused by wearing bras intended to offer support. Tulsa plastic surgeon Dr. Mark L. Mathers offers breast reduction plastic surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, as a surgical form of relief from these problems. Breast reduction plastic surgery with Dr. Mathers in Tulsa can also relieve you of unwanted attention due to the size of your beasts.

Time, gravity, and physical factors such as pregnancy, nursing, and weight gain or loss all contribute to the problem of sagging breasts. These factors, alone or combined, can lead to a loss of skin elasticity. The skin can no longer support the higher, firmer breast profile you would like to have. A breast lift improves the contour of the breast by removing excess skin and reshaping the remaining tissue. Breast lift plastic surgery, or mastopexy, performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Mark L. Mathers in Tulsa, Oklahoma can surgically raise and reshape your breasts.

Upper lid blepharoplasty will have an incision that begins in the crease of the upper eyelid and lower lid blepharoplasty will have an incision that begins just below the lower lash line where we remove some of the obvious fat pockets and remove excess skin.

At his plastic surgery center in Tulsa, plastic surgeon Dr. Mark L. Mathers performs liposuction plastic surgery to address stubborn fat deposits that can often resist your best efforts at diet and exercise. Liposuction plastic surgery with Dr. Mathers can help you achieve the natural beauty of your body's unique symmetry. Dr. Mathers uses the VASER System of ultrasound energy to break up and emulsify fat, leaving surrounding tissue - such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue - relatively intact.

If you have successfully achieved significant weight loss, sometimes portions of the upper and lower body can hang or sag uncomfortably. Body lift plastic surgery, performed in Tulsa by plastic surgeon Dr. Mark L. Mathers can be an excellent solution for individuals who are troubled by loose or sagging skin and lax muscles in a variety of areas from the shoulders to the knees. Dr. Mathers offers procedures that can dramatically improve skin tightness and contour, as well as enhance self-esteem.