Breast surgery and Revision Breast surgery are my passions. No other procedure best defines a woman's sense of femininity than breast surgery. As all of my patients know, my approach to breast surgery is really very direct. I put the utmost emphasis on developing a trust with my patients and understanding what their purposes are and how we can reach them.

As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a trained fine artist, I mix the most effective surgical techniques with an artist's eye to develop individual treatment plans for my patients. This applies to all types of breast surgery, and especially revision breast surgery.

Revision breast surgery should be performed by a doctor with the experience and innovation needed to take on these difficult cases. As a revision breast surgery specialist, I take on cases that other surgeons turn down because of their complexity.

At BD Plastic Surgery you will get the utmost care and attention- from the initial consultation, through the surgery, and especially the post-operative care. As a specialist in breast surgery I make you the following promises:

As featured on CBS, BBC America, and In Touch:

I will develop a tailored plan for you based on your specific purposes and expectations;

I will use the latest techniques to achieve the most natural results obtainable;

I stand behind my work to make sure you are totally satisfied with your results
I expect nothing less and neither should you! That is my commitment to you. So I welcome you to visit my site and make an appointment to meet with me.

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  • Brest, Body, Face and Non-surgical procedures

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Babak Dadvand M. D.

Dr. Babak Dadvand grew up in Philadelphia. From a very young age he had an understanding of and fascination with the relationship between the arts and sciences. Indeed, when he went on to pursue an Ivy League education at the University of Pennsylvania, he double majored in chemistry and fine arts to further get into these areas. Dr. Dadvand based his fine arts studies in the fields of oil painting and figure sculpture with a particular focus on portraiture. This has in turn served to hone his eyes and understanding of the human form, which was accentuated by his study of human anatomy in medical school. Dr. Dadvand brings his fine arts background, which above all else gives him a discerning eye when examining patients. He is able to pin point with gentle accuracy facial as well as body features that may be enhanced through his talents.

Dr. Dadvand graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and was further recognized for his outstanding achievements by being named a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Dr. Dadvand went on to medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he was attracted to the surgical specialties. After earning his doctorate of Medicine (MD) he went on to the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he finished a full General Surgery training program. He excelled both clinically and academically, with multiple publications upon completion of his training.

Dr. Dadvand passed both the written and oral examinations to become Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery. He was then included the plastic surgery program at Indiana University Medical Center, a rigorous top-tier program. Here, he honed his skills in all facets of plastic surgery, including cleft-lip/palate repair, head and neck reconstruction, and breast reconstruction. Dr. Dadvand also utilized his time at Indiana University to pursue academic interests, including publications in peer review journals.

Dr. Dadvand drew from years of training and experience during his advanced aesthetic fellowship in Beverly Hills. He knew that all the additional years of training he pursued were necessary to gain true expertise in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Dadvand incorporated his aesthetic training to perform many aesthetic surgical procedures. He also has had extensive training in autologous fat grafting to the face and body, a technique with which most plastic surgeon have limited experience. Dr. Dadvand loves all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery, including facial rejuvenation, nose, breast, and body sculpting work. He has come full circle in incorporating his fine arts background and love for science and uses the latest innovations in plastic surgery to obtain the best results for his patients .

Products & Services

Breast procedures

Don’t let the size or perkiness of your breasts get in the way of your self-confidence any longer. Dr. Dadvand knows that patients who are embarrassed with the appearance or configuration of their breasts are less satisfied with themselves, and he takes pride in being able to give his patients the gift of an improved bust line. Dr. Dadvand has been successfully performing breast augmentation, breast lifts, and both female and male breast reduction in Los Angeles for years. He uses the most developed technology in the field and is constantly updating his office to make sure that no scarring or indications of any surgical procedure are visible- your new chest sculpted by Dr. Dadvand is will look as natural as possible.


Your body has a direct relationship with your self-esteem, so why not make it look as attractive as possible? With a body lift, brachioplasty (or arm lift) , fat grafting procedure, tummy tuck, or liposuction performed by Dr. Babak Dadvand, you will feel sexier than ever. Dr. Dadvand is a highly acclaimed LA plastic surgeon, and has skillfully and artistically re-sculpted hundreds of patients’ bodies and self-confidence. And, our office is highly equipped with all the latest technologies in body contouring. You will no longer have to hide excess fat concentrated around your stomach, under your arms, or anywhere in your body. Finally, you can feel confident wearing what you’d like.


Your face is the most readily accessible portrayal of yourself, so why not give it the love and attention it deserves? If you are looking to reshape or resize any of your facial features, Dr. Dadvand is the doctor to consult. He specializes in chin augmentation, browlift and eyelift surgeries, facelifts, necklifts, and rhinoplasty procedures, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands under his care. Dr. Dadvand is a board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and is well respected in the field. He is here to help you on your path to getting that younger, refreshed look you’ve always wanted, and comes highly recommended by his past patients.

Customer Testimonials

It's been two months after my Breast Augmentation that you perfectly performed; my husband and I can't stop being amazed by your talent! We were completely in awe of your listening skills, and time you spent with us by answering all of the many questions and concerns we had for you during our consultation! You completely helped us better understand the entire process of before, during and after surgery that after our first meeting with you we were extremely Excited and Satisfied giving you all of our trust-especially considering this was going to be my very first Surgery of any kind!

You are truly talented Dr. Dadvand! I am healing extremely well as time continues to pass and you can't even tell I had a Breast Augmentation! Few of my concerns were: To keep a natural look, and to have very well balanced breasts which I now have and with no notice of scars or Implants It truly looks like I was born gifted! My husband and I are more than Thankful for your Great Professionalism followed by amazingly Perfect Results!! You will continue to be in our mind for any recommendation!

I would like to congratulate you on the superb job that you did with my tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. I was very nervous going into the surgery, however my concern was for nothing as the care that I received was very professional and thorough. I appreciate the time that you took before the surgery to discuss what exactly I was looking for. Not only were the results of my surgery above my expectations, so was the care that I received during my recovery.

I can not get over the way that my stomach looks, I feel like I am 20 again!!! I now have a waist which I did not have before. Clothes that were much too tight, now fit me perfectly. My breasts are now the perfect size and shape, I fit comfortably into a 36D bra. I am much more confident with the way that my body looks and I owe it all to you!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time with me to get my restylane perfect every time I see you! I love that my lips look natural, but defined and just slightly fuller than my natural lips. You always listen to what I want and you are very talented! I also wanted to let you know that the botox was a great idea-- not only do I look several years younger, but I have fewer headaches too.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Dadvand. I have had a cyst on my face (between my upper lip and nose) for quite a while that has gotten bigger over the last couple years. Although it really bothers me, I have been too scared to remove it, out of fear of making my face worse. After meeting with Dr. Dadvand, I felt very assured that he could remove it with a very small incision and that it would heal nicely and look a thousand times better. He was very easy to talk to and addressed all of my concerns. I decided to move forward with the procedure. Dr. Dadvand was extremely professional and took his time to map out the best way to remove the cyst, including the sac, so that it would never come back. He did an absolutely beautiful job! One week after surgery, I can barely even see where he cut. I cannot even imagine how great it will look in six months! I highly highly recommend him! There is no one else I would ever trust to operate on my face. Photos attached of before, during, and one week after the procedure.

Dr. Dadvand took a considerable amount of time to listen to my questions and concerns before I had my top surgery. The surgery itself went very well and I receive compliments all the time. Jess and Michelle were also awesome to work with. My only regret was not having top surgery sooner.

I was obese as a boy. As a result, although I exercise and have been slender and fit as an adult , I have always had extra skin and adipose in my chest area giving me a pseudogynecomastia. It has always bothered me. Several years ago I had liposuction by another surgeon. It helped but didn't solve the poblem. Dr. Dadvand suggested the skin excision and free nipple grafting procedure for me. He did that and I am very happy with it. I have a more masculine looking chest. There is a long scar associated with this procedure where before surgery there used to be a skincrease from the overhang , but it allowed a perfect result in terms of nipple position and contour. I am 2 months out from surgery now and the scar is not bad and I suspect over time it will fade out to be inconspicuous. I am using "Scar-Away" and will continue this. I feel the scar is preferable to having all that extra skin and fat that used to be there. I am 65 years old and in great shape. But that sagging chest made me look my age. Now I look more youthful. I am myself a surgeon. I can appreciate the care that Dr. Dadvand took to make sure my result was so symmetrical and the contour just right. I can , as a surgeon, appreciate how difficult that is. Dr. Dadvand is an experienced, skillful, and caring surgeon. I recommend him without reservation.

Dr Dadvand is absolutely TOP NOTCH!! He's brilliant at Botox! He took his time and really gave me the results I've been looking for, while still keeping me looking natural. His warm personality and attention to detail and won me over a thousand times! I didn't even have one bruise! My forehead is as smooth as a baby's bottom!! Jess the front desk girl is so friendly and nice. Michelle, the patient coordinator is beyond wonderful. She made me feel at ease and gave me all the info I needed after I was done. She checked me out and answered all my questions. This is NOT your typical wait for 2 hours after your appointment just to be rushed through Beverly Hills plastic surgeon experience I PROMISE! I can't wait to go back again! Thank you Dr Dadvand for caring enough to treat your patients with care. Your happily satisfied customer for life,

Dr. Dadvand is the most professional and gifted surgeons in the industry and I hold him in the highest regard. He is incredibly kind, instructive, and patient as well as creative and knowledgeable. His office and his techniques are state of the art and he is a driving force in the world of plastic surgery (and beyond). I have been coming to Dr. Dadvand for years and I remain highly satisfied. That is why I have recommended my friends and family to Dr. D because fantastic results are always the outcome. He helps to build positive self-esteem and overall, I feel healthier and more confident in my daily life. Dr. D's staff is totally professional, respectful, and attentive; you realize very quickly that you are in the best of hands-literally.

Highly recommend Dr. Dadvand!

A nurse who works in plastics recommended me to Dr. Dadvand when I wanted to get Botox. I was bit hesitant because the previous two times I had Botox (from Dr. H in West Hollywood), it drooped my eyelids. Dr. Dadvand listened to my concerns, and walked me through what he was going to do to try and prevent drooping from occurring. He was conservative, injecting 12 units into my forehead, and 15 units into my 11 lines. The results were wonderful, no droopy eyelids, and lasted about 6 months.

I've been getting Juvaderm for 6 years, 4 years with Dr. H in West Hollywood. I bruised every time, some times worse than other times. The last time I had Juvaderm with Dr. H, he massaged my lips so hard after injecting, not only did my lips bruise, but so did the skin above my lip. After that experience, and in combination with the great job Dr. Dadvand did on my Botox, I decided to try Dr. Dadvand for my Juvaderm as well. What a difference! He took the time to properly inject small amounts throughout the lips so there wasn't a bubble in one area, and was very gentle injecting and massaging the lips, just enough so they would be even. Not only did I not bruise AT ALL, the size, shape, and smoothness of my lips turned out perfectly and exactly as I had imagined them. He did, by far, the best job I've had.

Dr. Dadvand truly cares about and takes the time to listen to his patients to help them achieve the results they are looking for. I will definitely continue seeing Dr. Dadvand for injections, and highly encourage anyone interested in injections to see him as well!

Dr. Dadvand truly is one in a million. At my consultation for breast reduction, Dr. Dadvand took his time to explain the entire process of what the surgery entailed, listened to all my concerns, and answered all of my questions. He really cares about all his patients and wants nothing but the best for them. I am a week post op today and even though it's still early, I am already so happy with my results. My back pain and chest pressure that I have suffered with for years are completely gone. There is no doubt Dr. Dadvand has an incredible gift. I am his patient for life and would not trust anyone else except him.

His office team is also wonderful. No matter how many times I have called and bugged them, they have always been so incredibly nice and sincere, and have always been so helpful. The surgical team was also the best. They made me feel so relaxed on the day of my surgery and took such good care of me during recovery. There is something special about Dr. Dadvand and his office. I have never experienced this type of relationship with any other doctor my entire life. I recommend him to everyone! I love you Dr. D! Thank you for everything!

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Not everyone is ready or has a need for cosmetic surgery. This is where injectable fillers are perfect. By reducing the signs of aging in a matter of minutes, injectable fillers can literally be that "lunchtime" pick-me-up that most of us can use. Dr. Dadvand is a Beverly Hills and Los Angeles expert in injectable fillers. Dr. Dadvand will develop a tailored plan for you and personally performs all of the injections himself. Some areas have more than one option, and Dr. Dadvand will discuss with you the best option for you based on your aesthetic goals and budget.

Welcome to the procedures section where you will find information on various plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Dadvand specializes in all areas of aesthetic plastic surgery and combines technical execution with artistic attention to detail. Learn more about the different services Dr. Dadvand offers by navigating through the various procedure pages. Also be sure to go to the Photo Gallery to look at before and after pictures on see the results of these procedures first hand.

Dr. Dadvand Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the latest skin care products so patients can achieve the healthy skin they have wanted at affordable prices. Dr. Dadvand researched many different skin care lines and the following brands and their products offer the most effective, comprehensive skin care to suit all skin types. Dr. Dadvand has hand-selected these skin products to cleanse, restore, replenish, and protect your skin. Skin Better and their team of aesthetic experts has a profound understanding of skin aging and what it takes to help defy the effects of time.