It's clear that your eyelids and eyes are very central to the way you look. Any improvement in them will therefore enhance your overall appearance greatly. Many of us find that either heredity or the aging process has caused an undesirable fullness of the upper eyelid skin, and a bagginess evident under the lower eyelids and at the inner halves of the upper lids.

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The Eye Plastic Surgery Center of Southern California, founded in 1987, is one of the few centers on the West Coast specializing solely in cosmetic and plastic surgery of the eyelid. We are honored to receive referrals for this specialty from several hundred eye doctors and plastic surgeons from around the world. He holds a medical degree from the St. Louis University School of Medicine and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He completed his Medical internship at USC and his residency training in Comprehensive Ophthalmology at UCLA, Jules Stein Eye Institute, and followed up with a Fellowship training in Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, a prestigious program in this subspecialty.

Your office staff is very pleasant to work with. Each person I spoke with over the phone or saw in person was always courteous and helpful. They always called me back in a timely manner. I had surgery done by another doctor and was unhappy with the results. Fortunately, I found Dr. Chen, who patiently took the time to discuss my concerns with me and explained what could be done. The corrective surgery was a great success and I have never been happier!

The eyelid crease is a physiological portal to the upper eyelid. This is an enhanced digital book focusing on the upper eyelid's unique position among cosmetic plastic surgery, describing what is involved in double eyelid surgery, a common procedure available for Asians who desire to make their upper lids look less hooded by adding a natural eyelid crease. It offers general and advanced concepts, the Author's current understanding of the eyelid crease, why it is important to understand its function and susceptibility, and the pros and cons of various procedures.

A: The surgical procedure is relatively mild in scope compared to a face lift. It involves removing the excessive skin, subcutaneous tissue, and fat pads from the upper and lower lids through small incisions. These incisions are hidden in the normal crease in the upper eyelid while in the lower eyelid it is placed close to the eyelid margin beneath the lashes. A: Although results are impossible to accurately predict, you can get a good idea of possible results by examining before and after pictures of our patients.

The eyelid crease is a very delicate structure in that the correct position and function of it are interrelated to its form and attractiveness. Let us elaborate on this: The eyelid crease as seen by us is both a landmark to which our eyelid opening muscle--the elevating levator--attaches to and ends at, its location gives the eye opening its proportion and aesthetics. It just happens that this is also the location where eye surgeons would enter and exit the eyelid; it is in essence a portal or entry-exit point.