Situated in Mountain View, California, we provide a range of cosmetic and skin care procedures to improve the quality of your skin. From Botox and fillers, to acne treatment - you can have pretty skin! Schedule your free consultation! We know pretty skin is significant to you. We provide our patients the most advanced products available today!

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We know beautiful skin is important to you, that's why Jean Gordon, MD PhD and her excellent staff are thrilled to offer you the best skin care available today. Over the past twenty years, we've helped thousands of women and men obtain the best looking and healthiest skin possible. We customize our skin care therapies to the particular needs of each individual patient. Yes, we know everyone's skin is different. That's why we take the time needed to find a unique solution that fits your needs. When we're not treating you, we're researching new dermatology technologies and products to offer you the best in skin care available today.

Microdermabrasion refers to the superficial sanding of the skin, which results in exfoliation of thickened epidermis and a softer, more even skin texture and tone.* The use of microdermabrasion began in Europe in the 1980's and involves the use of tiny particles blown against the surface of the skin and vacuumed away, simultaneously removing the superficial layers of skin to expose the fresher, healthier skin below.* Microdermabrasion requires a series of treatments in our Mountain View dermatology office.

For acne sufferers whose skin has become resistant to ointments and medications, or for those who simply want to eliminate the daily hassles of such acne treatment regimens, blue light acne therapy has become a popular treatment option for our patients in Mountain View.* Blue light therapy systems offer acne treatment that is gentle and non-invasive when used alone, or as a part of photodynamic therapy.* The BLU-U Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator system by DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. gained FDA approval in 2003 for the treatment of mild to moderate acne.